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Matthew Clayton
Matthew Clayton
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The driving force and the spirit of my career has been built around developing projects that inspire and challenge me. The last 20 years my work has engendered a cross-industry experience that encompasses: marketing; public relations; finance; philanthropy; and business-to-business negotiations involving corporate, government, labour and Coastal First Nations.

My prime focus since 2008 was an external consultant to the Haisla First Nation of Kitimat, British Columbia. This work involved creating, brokering and managing major partnerships, as well as the integration with the LNG proponents and their corresponding EPC's. These partnerships participated in business that has exceeded one billion Canadian dollars, with the Nation watching unemployment go from 60% to near zero at the height of activity. I also assisted the Nation in pursuing numerous commercial ventures to fruition in the construction of various infrastructure projects, these included strategic land purchases, renovation of a marina complex and installation of cellular transmission towers.

I co-founded bioLytical Laboratories in 2004, a medical diagnostic company focusing on the rapid detection of the HIV virus. Today this company holds approvals for the INSTI assay in more than 30 countries worldwide including Canada and the United States, and has recently expanded into assays for hepatitis and the zika virus. In developing overseas markets for bioLytical, I subsequently segued into developing grassroots partnerships with NGOs as well as governing bodies like Health Canada and World Health Organization. Those relationships in turn liaised into associations with fund-raising and philanthropic organizations like the Clinton Foundation and other related HIV work with Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin brand. I was nominated to the board of directors in 2015, and continue to assist the company in government affairs both federally and provincially.

Present 2018

I am an equity partner in Victoria and Vancouver based Orca Spirit Marine Services, and manage all business development and First Nations relationships for the transportation division in the BC market. Orca Spirt operates passenger vessels ranging from 170 to 45 feet in length, and has current capacity of up to 600 seats on the water. The company is a First Nations owned entity, and it has collaborated with oil and gas companies such as Chevron, and the Shell led LNG Canada project in the Douglas Channel. Orca Spirit is the industry leader in whale watching and ecotourism on Vancouver Island, and has brought thousands of visitors year after years out into our coastal waters. Additionally, my consulting services have started to re-engage with First Nations in BC around spill response, mining, rail, and green based power projects.

The last piece of my consulting and investment portfolio began in aviation at the start of July of 2016, when I formed Aeronigma Charters and AV8 Partners LLC located in Kona, Hawaii USA. This entity is a joint partnership with Adam Wickstead of Aeronigma Inc, a leading Canadian brokerage and logistics company servicing brands such as Cirque De Soleil, Kit & Ace, and Rock it Cargo. Aeronigma Charters charters a fleet of private aircraft in Western Canada including a Bombardier Challenger 850, CRJ 700 and a extensive fleet of Dash aircraft. This partnership is the exclusive agent of R1 Airlines in Calgary Alberta, and a sister company of Avmax Inc a leading aviation entity in Canada since 1968.

AV8 Partners is the proud owner of a 60 year lease in Kona, Hawaii, with the Department of Transportation and the State of Hawaii. The parcel of land is located at the south side of Ellison Onizuka International Airport, and within a five minutes of some of the finest resort properties in North America. This 15.5 acre property will be home to general aviation project set to be completed in late 2019. The project will include a state of the art fixed based operation, large hangar for private aircraft, up to two and half acres of additional ramp parking, and a fully integrated fuel farm for the delivery of Jet A. The region grows at 8% per year, and will see private aircraft landings of fifteen hundred or more in 2018...

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Skill Set

Business Development Operations  |  experience in global strategic alliances in multicultural environments, initiated and completed negotiations that result in procurement, staffing, board of directors, performance reviews

Finance & Capital Raises  |  angel investing, institutional, all forms of venture capital

Comprehensive Brand Development

Marketing  |  tactical online, print, radio, TV, social media

Manufacturing and Automation

Regulatory and Compliancy  |  United States Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, Therapeutic Goods Administration, State Food and Drug Administration, International Standards Organization, Good Manufacturer's Practice

Intellectual Property  |  patents, domains and trademark, consumer goods packaging

Media Training  |  experienced public speaker teaching and presentation facilitator

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